First and foremost: If you are looking for instructions on how to make or modify fireworks...this is NOT the site for you. There is NO information available on this site to assist in firework manufacturing and/or modification, nor should any information be interpreted to assist in the same.

This website has several purposes: A sales tool, communication media, information resource, and a place for people interested in following rules and laws in the interest of safely co-producing firework displays for public and private venues. Fireworks America does not condone or contribute to any illegal activity involving fireworks.

Any information provided on the website, primarily in this Pyro Central section, are designed to help keep you and others safe in the activities of working all fascets of a pyrotechnic display from first customer contact, to show development, to equipment setup and take down, to show execution and every place in between.

Fireworks, in all capacities, are extremely dangerous. Safety is always Number One Priority!

Lesser and no-experienced persons should always seek help and advise from more-experienced persons when learning new techniques.

When working with live product always keep your safety and the safety of others around in mind. Leave yourself an escape route. Keep focus on your task at hand and avoid unnecessary distractions. And NEVER horse-play when handling product or product is near. There is NO JOKE in pryo safety.

The information provided is only a guide to assit you and others as you work your way from first interest, to becoming a crew person, to developing your knowledge and building a show history (portfolio), to becoming an operator, and even someday producing your own shows complete.

Fireworks America does our best to provide as much information possible while providing it as clear and complete as possible, while trying to provide it in an easy to understand language. When applicable or necessary we will use specific terminology, for most cases will will try to use plain English. For this reason Fireworks America shall not be help liable for and action taken or misinterpreted or misused from the information provided on our site. And please, ALWAYS keep safety in mind for you and those around you.

If you ever have any questions, contact a licensed pyrotechnician, or better yet, contact Fireworks America directly. We are here for you and are always happy to help answer your questions. After all...Fireworks America was founded by a bunch of pyros that wanted to do it better and safer than the other guys. Our company is filled with great people willing to help make more great pyros!