Brilliant Azelia cake at a high school football game half-time show
Aerial fireworks show at a high school homecoming show
Blue Angels set piece with gerbs to enhance illusion of motion
Music concert of Chris Ledeux using gerb tridents to enhance a jump
Special FX gerbs shooting showers of sparks from the candelabra
Fourth of July Celebration 2014
Morgan Hill¸ California
USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum
Alameda Point¸ California
Cryogenic gas jets used to
enhance introductions of pro hockey team
Green mines rise upwards during indoor pro-football team introduction
Giant fire columns excite the crowd at an indoor pro-football game
Waterfall of sparks
Curtain effect
Comic Con display
San Diego, CA 2015
Comic Con display
San Diego, CA 2015
Mine hit New Year's Eve Spa Casino
Palm Springs, CA