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On Friday, September 12, 2014, Viejas and Fireworks America broke two Guinness World Records at Viejas Casino in Alpine, California. The festivities were kicked off with a line of sparklers being lit in succession one after the other from the previous one. 299 participants handed off the ignition to each other. The final one lit off the fireworks part by igniting a line rocket that carried the ignition to the hotel roof for a roof display that finished with firing another line rocket back down to the ground igniting a giant propane fire ball to kick of a ground display of epic proportions. Products we lit in succession without ever exceeding a pause and continuing thru until everything went up in brilliant display of color and sound for the thousands of viewers.

Upon completion of the two Guinness World Records and the announcement from the Guinness World Record Official, Fireworks America gave the audience one final hoo-rah with an 820 shell aerial display with some 550+ Titanium Salutes, and an assortment of shells ranging all the way up to 8 inches that simply pounded the sky!

The crew of 11 pyrotechnicians had a 'blast' setting up for two days for this Guinness World Record event. "It was really hot on the ashphalt site, and pretty dirty in the main field", says one of the pyrotechnicians, Matthew Monge, "But we all just drank tons of water to keep hydrated." For more information on being on a fireworks crew or becoming a licensed pyrotechnician contact Fireworks America at 800-464-7976.

Below is a copy of the news page from the Guiness World Record website (www.GuinnessWorldRecords.com).


Published September 22, 2014

A key to any successful casino trip for a gambler is to quit while you're ahead.

But there's no quit in the Viejas Casino & Resort, as the establishment recently added two more world records to its ever-increasing tally. The latest marks to fall at the Alpine, California, setting were for the longest chain of fireworks with 10,005 and the longest line of sparklers lit in relay with 299 participants.

The events were held in celebration of Viejas' 23rd anniversary, as the resort continues to serve the surrounding San Diego gaming area. This particular combination of records allowed those staying at the resort and playing at the casino a chance to take part in history themselves with the sparkler relay, followed by Viejas putting on a show for all those in attendance with the uniquely structured fireworks display.

Nearly 2,000 VIP guests were invited to the record-breaking extravaganza, with thousands more in attendance to watch the proceedings. The showstopping fireworks display required that only firework be set off at a time in succession.

But, with nearly 30 fireworks being sent up per second, it made for quite the sight against the celebratory sky.

This makes it now six records in three years for Viejas, each attempt centered around the casino's anniversary.

Last year saw a record hat trick, with records falling for the longest high-five chain at 684 people (since broken), largest pack of playing cards at 1.29 m x 0.93 m (4 ft 3 in x 3 ft 1 in), and most people uncorking wine simultaneously with 639.

In 2012, Viejas entered the records game in building the largest functioning blackjack table, measuring 206.85 m² (2,226.51 ft²).

World records continue to provide Viejas a way to stand apart from its competition, and garner plenty of attention for doing so. This latest record double saw coverage from the San Diego Union Tribune and Imperial Valley Press, but was also featured on KUSI-TV, Yahoo! Finance, and Market Watch.

"Each year for our anniversary, we feel it's important to create a phenomenal experience for our guests that reminds them, our team members, and our competitors that Viejas can do things that our competition simply cannot match," said Scott Bauer, Viejas director of database marketing, "things that no other team in the world has matched."

If you are interested in volunteering as a crew member on a fireworks display, or if you would like to become a licensed pyrotechnician yourself, contact Fireworks America at 800-464-7976 and speak with our friendly staff to get more information...you'll be glad you did!